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Situational Role Playing Exercises with audio and video

This style of lesson with recorded audio and video is only an example of our start-stop-repeating method to improve understanding of context Listening to the teacher's questions, introductions and role playing for your situation practice Enrol here start today or for more information contact me on teacher@learnlaughspeak.com
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With lots of useful courses to choose from, on demand style with a hint of English and a discussion group for questions. We include live Conversational Lessons in courses as well. Your learning, your rules Courses are split 2-4 weeks and you can complete them as quick or slow as you would like! Learn through a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, guest podcasts and live weekly discussions when invited by email. Stay motivated by using the Progress page to keep track of your step completion and assessment scores


Currently Studying

Mariana S

Student Currently study pre-intermediate level

I started with LLS about 3 months ago and now i have recently started the courses. I find the communication level between teacher and course perfect because it is affordable and not crazy expensive. My results show because my friends are noticing how quickly I'm improving.


Jenny (jen)

hey Jen here yes I learnt English through the method while learning to job interview and the tactics about interviewing. I now have my new sales job using my English in a whole new way. When learning is something you want it makes it so much easier to go to class

Dan L

2 years with LLS

I work in finance, some meetings I understand what is going on but i miss it 30% of the time. Now after doing the Business101course of Day IN THE LIFE packages It has really cleared up all the phrasal verbs and idioms i notice with my UK counter parts

Alexa Y

Marketing Executive - 1 time course taker

I work in marketing the business marketing course is great even though I am advanced level these days i still found the actual information useful and would do the course without the English to improve my knowledge of current marketing trends for my employment.

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Bryce Purnell

Creator and Managing Director of Learn Laugh Speak and Educating in English.

Owner & Teacher

Bryce Purnell

Beginning as a youngster working in my father’s coffee shop at 13, writing rosters to owning and franchising my Japanese Resturant chain at 23 to 27 into a large corporate position as General Manager for an international US based company, I was there 5 years. Nowadays I am teaching going on 3 years online for a considerably well known English company in which involves Teaching Students & Teaching Teachers also in many aspects. Simply put my goal is to provide courses relevant to people with the English Aspect & Grammar snuck in there Conducting well over 3500 lessons online and 1 year of Business English with clients like Mazda Mexico, Kia and Astra Zeneca working with the sales teams and executives. www.educatinginenglish.com is a course site that is focused on teachers and students coming together in suitable affordable way giving each person out there to learn while they learn. Questions for me or want to reach out please do so below teacher@learnlaughspeak.com

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